sssga soil science society of georgia

 Previous Officers

Past Presidents

2013: Daniel Markewitz

2012: Kevin Smith

2011: Kyle White

2010: David Coyle

2009: Lawrence Morris, PhD, Certified Soil Scientist, University of Georgia

2008: Walter George

2007: Bill Miller

2006: Thomas MacFie

2005: Donnie Bradshaw

2004: Phil Freshley

2003: David E. Kissel

2002: Phil Freshley

2001: David Radcliffe

2000: Sam Asady

1999: Helaine Markewich


Past Treasurers

2003-2013: Phil Freshley, MS, Certified Soil Classifier, LandTec, Athens, GA

Past Secretaries

2003-2013: Gail Meads

Past Officers

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