sssga soil science society of georgia

 Officers/Committee Members

February, 2014 - February, 2015


Past President: Daniel Markewitz
President: Eric Hamilton
President Elect: Jason Reagan
Secretary: Kevin Herndon
Treasurer:  Shawn May

Executive Committee
President, President-Elect, Secretary,Treasurer, Chairman of Consulting, Business and Industry Division - Chairman of Academic, Research, Government, and Nonprofit Organizations Division

Division Chairs:

a)Academic, Research, Government, and Nonprofit Organizations
 - Jason Reagan

b)Consulting, Business and Industry
 - Patrick Davies


Standing Committes:

Nominating Committee:
- Larry Stewart

Program Committee:
- Thomas Macfie (Chairman)
- Larry Stewart

Auditing Committee:
- Jim Lathem
- Steve Lawrence

Adhoc Committees
1) Legislative Affairs Committee:
- Bob Kendall (Chairperson)
- Walter George
- Donnie Bradshaw

2) Membership Committee:
-  Donnie Bradshaw (Chairperson)
- Steve Woodall
- David Huff

3) Continuing Education Committee:
- Greg Taylor (Chairperson)
- Dorcas Franklin
- Dan Parham
- Mack Thomas
- David Coyle
- Mike Henderson
- Doug Cabe

4) Information Committee:
- Victoria Smith (Chairperson)
- Jim Spotts
- Victoria Smith

5)      Scholarship Committee:
- David Kissel (Chairperson)
- Don Schilling
- Robert Smith
- Jennifer Morley

6) Necrology Committee
- Gail Meads (Chairperson) 

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